Electromagnetic Detector


MP-900 Series are mainly for detecting frequency signals in proportion to revolutions by bringing them closer to the addendum of a detecting gear fitted to a rotating axis. Various types are available including low-priced general purpose, oil proof and heat resistant types, enabling you to select the one ideal for your use.

  • Output is obtained by bringing the it in close proximity to a gear.
  • High rigidity and durability.
  • 14 types are available including oil proof, high temperature, extra small and long-shape types.
  • Detection from nearly 0 r / min
  • Output from ultra-low to high speeds (1 to 20,000 r / min, in the case of using a 60-tooth gear)
  • Compact, lightweight, easy-to-mount

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Description Electromagnetic Detector
Compatible Tachometers CT-6520B, TM-2120, TM-2130, TM-2140, TM-2110, TM-3100 Series


Acid-resistant, waterproof type model with attached 2-m length cable available (Model AP-981), please contact us.

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