Digital Flow Meter


In the field of engine development, the requirement is increasing for improving the accuracy of the measurement in the small flow rate range, and evaluating the fuel consumption characteristics in transient duration. The FM-3100 enables to meet various requirements in that field.

    • High-speed response at 1ms (Analog/ CAN).
    • The FM-3100 can be connected to FP-Series Volumetric Flow Detectors, FX-Series Mass-Burette Flow Detector and FZ-Series Coriolis type Mass Flow Meter.
    • Density correction will be available using fuel temperature.

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Applicable Detectors FP-Series / FD-5110 / FX-Series / FZ-Series. *Please select the compatible module with each detector (sold separately).
Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC (± 10%).
Power Consumption 80 VA or less (when connected to the FP-2140S and the FM-3100).
Weight Approximately 3 kg
Outer Dimensions 240.0 (W) × 99.0 (H) × 296.0 (D) mm (The projection is not included.)
Compatible Module (*Sold Separately) FM-0311 FP Module Applicable Detectors: FP-4135, FP-213 / 213S, FP-2140H, FP-2240HA, FP-2140S, FP-215, FP-2250A, MF-3200 | FM-0321 FZ Module Applicable Detectors: FZ-2100, FZ-2200A | FM-0331 FX Module Applicable Detectors: FX-1110, FX-1120, FX-1130 | Remote Control: FM-0200


Standard Accessories: AC Power Cable, FM-0012 Analog Output Conversion Adapter (D-Sub to BNC 0.5m), Instruction Manual.

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