Dual Contact / Non-Contact type Tachometer with both analog and pulse output


The New ! HT-5500 is a handheld digital tachometer with high performance and pioneering technology along with a sophisticated body. It can be operated easily as both a contact and non-contact type digital tachometer, in which various rotation measurement technologies are used. Various measurement parameters such as rotation (r/min, r/s), accumulated rotation (count), line speed (m/min: contact and non-contact, mm/s: contact) and period (ms) can be measured. Both the analog signal output and pulse signal output are available as standard. Analog signal is used for recording the rotational data at data recorder etc. Pulse signal is used as external sampling signal at FFT analyzer for tracking analysis. Wide measurement range with high technical functions from 6.0 r/min (low-speed rotation) to 99999 r/min (high-speed rotation) is provided.

  • Wide measurement range from 6.0 r/min (low-speed rotation) to 99999 r/min (high-speed rotation)
  • Capable of both contact and non-contact measurement in one unit
  • Built-in memory function - 20 data (MAX) can be saved to memory.
  • Line speed measurement is possible by setting the diameter of rotational object even though it is non-contact measurement. (Circumferential ring such as KS-100/KS-200 should be attached at HT-5500 when it is contact measurement.)
  • Accumulating rotation can be measured. (1 pulse/rotation by contact measurement. 1 count/1 reflection mark to 9999 is possible by non-contact measurement
  •   Analog output 0 to 1 V/0 to F.S. (Full scale can be set arbitrarily), 10-bit D/A conversion
  •   Pulse output Hi level = At least +4.5 V, Lo level = Up to +0.5 V
  • Can be used by AC power supply. (Optional AC adapter PB-7090 is required.)
  • Hold function of Max. and Min. values of rotation, period and line speed.

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Description Contact / Non-Contact type with analog and pulse output
Range 6 - 99,999 rpm
Detection Distance 20 to 300mm / 1 to 12 inches
Display LCD 5 digit Display
Power / Battery life Four (type AAA) batteries provide 32 hrs. of continuous use and ( 8 hours continuous use when the back light is on )
Operating temperature 41° to 104° F / 5° to 40° C


Standard Accessories: HT-0502 contact adapter, KS-300 measurement contact tip, KS-200 Circumferential m / min.speed ring, four AAA type batteries, HT-011 Reflective Marks 12mm squares( 1 sheet ) 25 marks, Carrying case.

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