Magnetoelectric (wide range) detector


MP-9820 is a magnetoelectric-type detector using an internal hall element, a permanent magnet, DC amplifier, and voltage regulator in its compact body. Using MP-9820 in combination with detection gear enables deriving stable rectangular waveform from ultra low speed all the way through high speed. (1 Hz to 100 kHz) MP-9820 finds wide range of applications and rotational measurement objects by using with TM-3100 series tachometer and FV-1400 / 5300 FV converter.

  • "Wide range of signal detection from 1 Hz to 100 kHz
  • "Achieve the highest level of frequency response_Can be used in wide range of applications from low to high speed and rotational measurement objects.
  • "Neither load on measurement objects nor worries about attrition or lubrication with non-contact detection method.
  • "Using an internal hall element and waveform processing circuit in its compact body.
  • "Adopting new type of cable greatly improves in tolerance performance against electrical noise

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Description Magnetoelectric detector
Compatible Tachometers TM-3100Series, TM-2110, TM-2120, TM-2130, TM-2140, CT-6520B, FV-1500


Using a 60 P/R gear : MP-9820 has a range of (1 to 100,000 r/min) vs. MP-981 range of (1 to 20,000 r/min).

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