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The LG-900 series detectors are reflection type optical (LG-916, LG-9200) and photoelectric detectors developed for medium distance detection applications. The LG-916 / LG-9200 adopts glass fiber at the tip end and can be protective enough against the external turbulent light because of pulse modulation system as the light projection source. The LG-930 also uses a pulse-lighting method, it is practically unaffected by disturbance light, furthermore, featuring a hybrid structure with the all light-projecting, light-receiving, amplifying, and waveform-shaping sections built into the unit to offer a compact design with easy-to-operate functions. By simply attaching the reflection mark to a rotating object, the detectors can detect the rotation of the object without actually touching the object.

  • Designed to compact and easy-to-operate for projector, light receiver and amplifier integrated neatly
  • Non contact detection applied, no load on the object
  • Detection distance 70 to 200 mm
  • Response speed 25 m/s
  • Power supply12±2 VDC, 85 mA or less
  • TTL Output waveform

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Description Photoelectric Detector
Compatible Tachometers CT-6520B, TM-2110, TM-2120, TM-2130, TM-2140, TM-3100Series, SE-1620


Comes with mounting hardware and 1 sheet reflective tape.

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