FP-5150 Series

Volumetric Flow Detectors (Large Flow Rate Type)

FP-5150 Series
FP-5150 Series

In engine evaluations such as emission mode tests and transient tests for performance evaluation, the evaluation methods have been shifting from steady-state tests to transient tests. In the evaluation of fuel consumption, the requirement for evaluating the fuel consumption characteristics in transient duration has been increasing as well as the total fuel consumption for each mode. 

The FP-5000 series has achieved high pulse resolution and wide measurement range. It enables to detect changes in the flow rate effectively and responsively, and measure large flow rate. It can be used when the flow rate increases, such as when measuring alcohol fuel.

    • There are a wide range of flow detectors, which can be used for various applications from idling to Wide-Open-Throttle with a single detector.
    • Compact and space-saved design.
    • Applicable to alcohol mixed fuel as standard.

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Applicable Fluids Gasoline, light oil, kerosene, alcohol, biofuel and general petroleum-based hydraulic oil. (*1)
Applicable Flow Meter Digital flow meters: FM-2500A / DF-0400A (*not applicable to FP-5132, 5134, 5142, 5144 and 5152) | DF-2200 (*not applicable to FP-5132, 5134, 5142, 5144, 5151 and 5152) FM-3100 / FM-0311
Measurement Range (Flow Rate) FP-5151 / 5152: 1 to 1440 L/h
Accuracy (Flow Rate) FP-5150 Series: Within ±0.5 % of reading.
Pressure Loss FP-5150 Series: 7.5 kPa or less (at 500 L/h (light oil))
Operating Temperature Liquid: 0 to +65℃ | Ambient: 0 to +65℃
Maximum Operating Pressure FP-5150 Series: 3.4 MPa
Measurement Range (Temperature, Pressure) 0 to +100 ℃, 0 to 1 MPa (*2)
Weight FP-5150 Series: Approximately 13.5 kg


(*1) Please contact to your nearest distributor.

(*2) The EH-0850 Temperature / Pressure sensor can be added as an option.

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