Diesel clamp on ( fuel injection pipe ) detector


This is a heavy duty made rotation sensor designed especially for diesel engines. Vibrations made when the injection pump of a diesel engine injects fuel are sensed with a piezoelectric element and converted into electric signals. By simply attaching the sensor on to the fuel injection pipe of the first cylinder, the rotation speed of the engine can be measured accurately.

  • Applicable engines Diesel engines
  • Detection method A piezoelectric element is used to detect pulsation at the time of fuel injection
  • Measurement range 400 to 6000 r/min
  • Signal cable Heatproof type signal cable, 4.9m length, (directly connected) - (R03PB6M)

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Description Clamp on Diesel fuel injection pipe
Compatible Tachometers GE-1200, GE-1400
Compatible Tachometer GE-1400


The fuel injection pipe should be within 4 to 8 mm outside diameter. Used with the GE-1200, GE-1400
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