Accelerometer Calibrator


  • Three functions of a shaker, sensor amplifier and display are combined in one compact body.
  • Corresponds to the charge output type and built in amplifier type accelerometers.
  • Digital display makes it possible to directly read the sensitivity on the spot.
  • Continuously usable for approximately 20 hours.

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Vibration Stimulus Frequency 159.2 Hz ± 1%
Vibration Stimulus Acceleration 10 m/s2(rms) ± 3%
Sensitivity Display Range 0.01 to 19.99 mV/(m/s2)
Allowable Accelerometer Weight 110 g Maximum
Power Supply Type AA Battery x 4
Battery Life Approximately 20 Hours


Standard Accessories: Four Type AA Batteries, One Signal Cable (BNC to Micro-Dot), Conversion Screws (M5 to M6, M5 to M3, M5 to 10-32 UNF, M5 to Flat) and One Operation Instruction Manual.
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