Ono USB Keyboard

EG-225 to USB Keyboard ( Plug and Play )

Ono USB Keyboard

Plug and Play ! Single input gage interface converts the EG-225 gage output into the USB Keyboard port on your PC. The data can be triggered using the onboard pushbutton or footswitch and enter data into any windows application (Microsoft Excel, Word, Access) without any complicated software packages. Your computers window application automatically finds the USB device, therefore eliminating any software configuration. Just like your IPod or Digital camera, truly, plug and play.

  • Simply plug your EG-225 directly into a PC.
  • "Simple plug and play setup - doesn't require software configuration
  • "Operating modes: Static (Normal) mode operation or Dynamic (MIN/MAX/TIR)
  • "Footswitch input, LED status light, host command operation and set up
  • "NO SOFTWARE WEDGE required
  • "USB Gage Scanning rates up to 38700 Kbps

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Description EG-225 gage to USB Keyboard
Length 6 foot
Applicable Instruments EG-225 , EG-225F


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