High Sensitivity GPS Speedometer


The LC-8310 compact and high-sensitivity GPS speedometer can measure speed, distance and other vehicle-related measurement items for two-wheel vehicles, or construction vehicles etc., by satellite signals of GPS/GLONASS and IMU.
Can be used on vehicles with limited installation space such as motorcycles and construction equipment as it is a compact and lightweight unit.

    • High precision measurement with satellite signals (GPS&GLONASS) and IMU:

      High precision measurement is enabled with Ono Sokki’s original technology. Depending on the situation, the proportion of each signal (GPS, GLONASS, and IMU) used is changed.
      Measurement performance: velocity accuracy of ±0.2 km/h, distance accuracy of ±0.2
      (300 m/h)

      Various functions for vehicle tests:

      Analog output of velocity, pulse output of distance, 4ch analog input, 1ch pulse input, CAN communication, and various vehicle test functions (followed the previous model LC-8300)

      Various functions easy to operate:

      USB memory provided as standard: Data can be transmitted and saved from the main unit to PC.
      Touch panel type LCD: easy to use and highly visible.

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Measurement Accuracy Horizontal Speed: 0.1 to 500.0 km/h/±0.2 km/h or less. Horizontal Distance: ±0.2 %
Measured Parameters Horizontal speed (km/h), horizontal distance (m), time (s), UTC time, number of satellite capture, HDOP(Horizontal Dilution of Precision), heading (°), North speed (km/h), East speed (km/h), North distance (m), East distance (m), travelling distance (m), latitude (dms), longitude (dms), altitude (m )
Optional Measured Parameters Lateral distance (m), vertical speed (km/h), vertical distance (m), VDOP(Vertical Dilution of Precision) , lateral sideslip amount (m), roll angle (°), pitch angle (°), yaw angle (°), X acceleration (m/s2), Y acceleration (m/s2), Z acceleration (m/s2), X angular speed (°/s), Y angular speed (°/s), Z angular speed (°/s), gradient (%)
Output Speed Analog Output: (Range) 0 to 10V | SI Units: 0 to 10V (0 to 500.0 km/h) | Mile Units: 0 to 10V (0 to 250.0 mile/h)
Output Distance Pulse Output: (Resolution) SI Units: 10, 5, 1 mm/pulse | Mile Units: Selectable from 16.0934, 8.0467, 1.6093 mm/pulse
CAN Common Specifications: Baud rate 125 k, 250 k, 500 k, 1000 k bps | Protocol: Conforms to CAN Ver2.0B


Standard Accessories: Touch Panel Display Unit (3m Cable Attached), Remote Box (2m Cable Attached), GPS/GLONASS Antenna, Power Cable for Cigarette Lighter Socket (3m), Pin Jack - BNC Cable (2m), USB Cable for PC (1.5m), CAN Branch Cable (0.35m), USB Memory, Installation CD, Instruction Manual, Carrying Case, Mount Adaptor for Display Unit, Base Plate for Mount Adaptor.

Options: (Main unit) LC-0082 Power Cable (for battery), LC-0824 km/mile switch function, LC-0825 IMU data output function, LC-0826 Vertical direction measurement function, LC-0827 Hardware acceleration test function, LC-0828 Hardware brake test function, LC-0829 Hardware coasting test function, LC-0854 CAN output function, LC-0861 CAN terminal register adaptor, LC-0862 CAN branch cable (2m), LC-0863 CAN - OBD2 cable, LC-0864 Tape switch, DPU-414 Compact thermal printer, PW-C0725-W2-U AC adaptor for printer, TP-0411 Thermal paper for printer, PS-P20023B AC adaptor with power cord. 

Options: (PC) LC-0831 Acceleration / Deceleration test, LC-0832 Fuel consumption test, LC-0833 Orbit display.

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