Sound Level Meter (Class 1)


The LA-7500 Sound Level Meter conforms to various international and domestic standards and is designed to be easily connected to a PC. An SD memory card and USB connector are provided as standard to meet the growing requirements for computer processing of measurment data captured to the LA-7500. Data can be easily read by simply connecting the sound level meter to a Windows based PC, without the need for special software.

  • 110 dB Linearity Range
  • Single, Dual or Quad Mode Measurement
  • 1/1 Octave Band Analysis Function (Standard)
  • Large Screen with Touch Keys for Easy Operation
  • USB and RS-232C Interface
  • Supports SD / SDHC Cards

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Applicable Standards JIS C 1509-1:2017 Class 1, IEC 61672-1:2013 Class 1, ANSI S1.4-2014 Class 1
Linearity Range Normal Range: 80 dB, Wide Range: 110 dB
Measurement Range 24 to 138 dB (A), 32 to 138 dB (C), 38 to 138 dB (Z)
Frequency Weighting A, C, Z, G* (*Available with the LA-0709 Ultra low frequency sound measurement function.)
Measured Parameters Lp, Leq, Le, Lpeak, Lmax, Lmin, Ln
Time Weighting Fast, Slow, Impulse, 10 ms, 10 s* (*Available with the LA-0709 Ultra low frequency sound measurement function.)
Memory Modes Auto, Manual, Record
AC Output 0.707 Vrms (Normal Range), 2.236 Vrms (Wide Range)
DC Output 2.5 V
RS-232C Standard
Power Supply Four AA Batteries or AC Adaptor
Battery Life 12 Hours of Continuous Operation
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +50ÂșC
Operating Humidity Range 20 to 90% Relative Humidity
Dimensions 90 (W) x 279 (H) x 42 (D) mm
Weight Approximately 540 g


Standard Accessories: AC Adaptor, AX-501 Signal Cable (Mini-Jack to BNC), Windscreen, Hand Strap, Batteries, Carrying Case, SD Memory Card, Users Manual.

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