Advanced FFT Tachometer


The FT-2500 is an advanced tachometer which measures the rotational speed by the FFT calculation. The rotational speed is calculated from the frequency signal of light, magnetism, vibration or sound.

  • Does not require the application of reflective markers.
  • Allows easy evaluation of RPM even when rotating shafts are not directly accessible.
  • Added versatility when combined with a range of detectors, including: leakage flux detectors, optical fiber sensors, accelerometers and sound level meters.
  • Two stage upper/lower limit comparator output or RS-232C interface, ideal for GO/NO GO determinations.
  • Analog and Pulse outputs.

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Computing System 1024-Point FFT Calculation
Measurement RPM Range 500 Hz Range: 3.75 Hz to 500 Hz, 2 kHz Range: 15 Hz to 2 kHz, 10 kHz Range: 75 Hz to 10 kHz
RPM Resolution Frequency Range (Hz) / 12800 x 60 / Set Pulse Count (P/R)
Measurement Accuracy +/- 2 x RPM Resolution +/- 1
Measurement Time 500 ms or Less
Display Blue-Green LED, 6 Digits
Pulse Count Set Range 0.5 to 199.5 P/R in 0.5 Steps
Rotational Direction Determination Function Displays CW or CCW (When Used With FT-0501)
Exponential Averaging Select: Off, 2, 4, 8, or 16 Times
Analog Output 0 to 10V / Full Scale
Comparator Output Yes
Interface D-SUB (15-Pin Connector)
Dimensions 144 mm (W) x 72 mm (H) x 180 mm (D)
Weight Approximately 1.2kg
Pulse Output 0 to 5V TTL


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