FS-540 and FS-5500 + FG-1300

Optical Fiber Sensors and Amplifier

FS-540 and FS-5500 + FG-1300

The FG-1300 is a non-contact type high-performance amplifier that emits red light from LED to a rotating object, and detects the variation of the reflected red light amount. This amplifier is used in combination with an exclusive detector FS-5500*/FS-540 Optical Fiber Sensors which has adopted environment resistant design. The glass fibers are covered with flexible stainless steel tube for rotation measurement in limited space. New * FS-5500 slim type optical fiber sensor can measure an object hard to be measured and enables the measurement in the limited space, which cannot be measured with previous models.

  • Features of FS-5500 Optical Fiber Sensor
  • Able to detect small objects Can be detected the rotation of a small object in a limited space such as 2 mm pitch of zebra tape, turbine blades or small motor etc.
  • High resolution Can be used for crank angle detection that high resolution is required, for tracking analysis, and for balancing measurement. Optimal as measuring unit including FFT Analyzer or tachometer.
  • Environment-resistant design allows measurement under sever or limited conditions. Since it has slim body and can be used under very low or high temperature (-40 to 250 ), it is possible to measure vehicle rotation (engine, shaft, gear, or drive shaft) or measure parts on production line. Even under hard conditions or at limited space, rotation or angle can be measured.
  • Features of FG-1300 Fiber Optic Sensor Amplifier
  • Able to measure high speed rotating object. (up to 10 kHz of maximum response frequency)
  • Red visible

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Description Fiber Optic Sensor with Amplifier
Compatible Tachometers CT-6520B, TM-3100Series


Other optional cables; FS-540 (1 meter length) and FS-542 (2 meter length) 4mm diameter tipped cables.

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