On-Board Volumetric Flow Detector


The FP-4135 On-Board Volumetric Flow Detector is the high-precision positive displacement flow detector to measure the fuel flow rate of liquids such as gasoline, light oil and kerosene combined with the Ono Sokki DF-2200 On-Board Flow Meter or the FM series Digital Flow meter. Because the flow rate range is as wide as 0.1 to 200 L/h (measurement range ratio 2000:0), it can measure from very low flow rate in an idling state to large amount of flow rate in a high-load state when a fuel with a low heating value such as alcohol is used. Also, since the flow detecting part is compact and its operating temperature range is -30 to +100°C, it can be installed inside an engine to measure the actual driving fuel efficiency.

  • High precision; Accuracy  ±0.2 %
  • Resolution  0.01 mL
  • Measurement range 0.1 to 200 L/h
  • Wide temperature range from -30 to 100 
  • Designed to support temperature variation in an engine room, and environmental test
  • Compact body
  • Built-in temperature sensor which is required for fuel consumption measurement and downsized filter enable 70% reduction in volume. (Compared to main unit of the FP-2140H of Ono Sokki, excluding signal processing part.)
  • Supports wide variety of fuels
  • It can measure a variety of fuels including gasoline, alcohol, and light oil etc. as standard.

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Applicable Fluids Gasoline, light oil, kerosene, class-A heavy oil, engine oil, petroleum-based general hydraulic oil, methanol, ethanol, mixture of alcohol and gasoline, and brake oil. Please note that this equipment might not be used in the depositing condition.
Measurement Range 0.1 to 200 liter/hr Temperature -30 to 100
Accuracy ± 0.2% of reading
Pressure Loss 4 kPa or less/at 60 L/h gasoline
Resolution 0.01 ml
Operating temperature Flow rate detecting part -30 to 100 environment temperature, liquid temperature, with no condensation Signal processing part -30 to 70 environment temperature
Weight Approx. 2.4 kg


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