NEW ! Non-contact thickness meter 0.1um resolution


The CL-5610/5610S is used to perform non-contact thickness measurement of  objects under measurement including conductors, semiconductors and insulators in combination with the new-developed VE series capacitance type gap detector. The CL-5610/5610S can be connected up to 2 gap detectors and also used as 2-ch displacement meter.   The CL-5610 has a built-in amplifier for a sensor and can be used to connect with the VE sensor directly. This model is effective for off-line measurement on a desktop PC. (The cable length between sensor and a main unit is 1.5 m, cannot be extended.)   The CL-5610S can be used away from the VE sensor through an external amplifier. The cable length between a main unit and an external amplifier is 2.5 m as standard, up to 10-m extension as an option. It is suitable when the main unit of the thickness meter is set up separately from a sensor such as installation to the other equipment.

  • Wide range of measurement items Both thickness and gap measurements can be performed. DEVI (deviation value), MAX (maximum value), MIN (minimum value), or Range (MAX-MIN from calculation start time) can be selected for each measurement item.
  • Performs thickness measurement of conductors, semiconductors and insulators (option) with a single unit When the CL-0300 optional Insulator Measurement Function is installed, the CL-5610/5610S allows measurement of insulators such as thin plastic film or glass sheet.
  • Enables stable thickness measurement of an object with smaller contact area At measurement of an object on a table coated with fluorine film, the large contact area has been required for stable measurement. The CL-0210 High-impedance Grounding Mode (option) enables measurement of an object with small contact area even if the contact area is smaller than the table. The larger the contact area is, the more the stable measurement can be performed.
  • The High-resolution Measurement Function (CL-0200 option) enables displaying a minimum resolution at 0.02¼m 1. *1: When the VE-2011/5010/5011 is used. The VE-5010/5011 is available when the measurement range is changed from 20 to 200 by using the optional CL-0201.
  • Control or data transmission can be performed remotely from PLC* or PC. Remote, RS-232C, and BCD (option) connectors are provided as external interfaces. Control or data transmission can be performed remotely when the CL-5610 series is incorporated in production facility. Measurement data in BCD format can be obtained from BCD output connector at every 20 ms. Also optional the CL-0110 Outputs Function enables output of measurement value with analog voltage.
  • Online monitoring of abnormal value can be performed by the Comparator Function. (When the CL-0100 Outputs Function is installed.)
  • Measurable objectsConductors or semiconductors : Silicon wafer, steel plate, copper-foil substrate, hard disc, aluminum stainless steel, electronic printed wiring board, flexible material, mirrored material, easily damaged material, and any other materials required to be clean including metal plate.
  • Insulators: Glass, polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastic (Thin objects composed of a uniform and simple material throughout can be measured.)

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Measures Thickness, gaps
Display Vacuum fluorescent display; either 2-row display or 1-row display (large character size) can be selected.
Display Mode ABS: Measured values DEVI: Deviation values (Measured values ûreference values) Maximum, Minimum, Maximum ûMinimum
Resolution Depends on which sensors are used. 0.1, 0.5, 1, 2 um (0.02, 0.05, 0.2, 0.5, 1um by using optional CL-0200 *2)
Parameter settings by key operation on the panel can be stored in the internal memory and held in the power-off memory
Sampling Rate 20 ms
Averaging Moving mean, 1 to 64 times
Real-time data processing Max., min., max.-min. values of measuring data are displayed in real time Data initialized at the start and held at the stop.
Interface RS-232C (Cable: AX-5022/Sold separately)
Output Comparator function (Option: CL-0100 ) 3-CH output , Analog output (Option: CL-0100 ) Thickness, Gap A, B (linearity ±0.2% F.S./10% to 100% F.S.)
Operating temperature 0 to +40°C
Humidity 20 to 80% RH
Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Outer Dimensions 210(W) mm x 99 (H) mm x 276(D) mm
Weight 4.5kg


Some great application materials that can be measured with great accuracy :   Metal plates Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc   Silicon Wafers Can be measured in the same way as metal plates.   Copper-foil laminated boards The thickness of both surfaces can be measured prior to etching.   Pastes such as battery pole plates prior to firing.   Carbon plates Plates which include a large amount of the carbon material used for gaskets, etc.

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