CF-9200A / 9400A

Portable 2-Ch / 4-Ch FFT Analyzer

CF-9200A / 9400A
CF-9200A / 9400A
CF-9200A / 9400A
CF-9200A / 9400A
CF-9200A / 9400A

Compact and light, the CF-9000A series offers portability and simple operation while still achieving high accuracy in vibration and noise measurement analysis.

  • 10.4" TFT color touch panel monitor.
  • Up to 5 hours battery operation.
  • Cable damage detection (for CCLD sensors).
  • Built-in USB, DATA, SD Card, LAN and Printer interfaces.
  • Equipped with CCLD and TEDS.

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Number of Input Channels 2 (CF-9200A) / 4 (CF-9400A)
Frequency Range 100 mHz to 100 kHz
A/D Converter 24 Bit
Dynamic Range 120 dB
Current Sensor Power 4 mA, +24 V
Operating temperature 0 to 40º C
Dimensions 333 mm (W) x 248 mm (H) x 112 mm (D)
Weight Approximately 4.9 kg


Standard Accessories: One AC Adaptor w/ Power Cord, Two Batteries, One Instruction Manual, One SDHC Memory Card, One USB Cable.

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