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LV-1800 - Laser Doppler Vibrometer
The LV-1800 is a laser Doppler type non-contact vibrometer that detects the amplitude velocity by using the Doppler shift of laser beams without load. It can perform non-contact measurements that are difficult with a contact type vibrometer such as high speed, high frequency, transparent, thin film, microscopic objects and long distance vibrations.

  • Quick confirmation of the focal position and detection status.
  • Small and light weight sensor.
  • Noise free design without cooling fan.
  • Class 2 laser.
Conforming Standard IEC/EN60825-1:2007 / FDA 21 CFR 1040.10
Detection Method Velocity Demodulation (Optical Heterodyne Detection)
Frequency Range 0.3 to 3 MHz
Measurement Range 100mm to 10m
Maximum Detection Velocity 10 m/s 0-p
Operating Temperature 0 to 40C
Dimensions (W) 410mm (H) 120mm (D) 325mm
Weight Approx. 8.1 kg

  • LV-0181 Built-in Positioning Camera
  • LV-0800 Minute Velocity Range Board
  • LV-0111 Acceleration Output Board
  • LV-0112 Displacement Output Board
  • LV-0185 Illumination Unit