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LA-7200 - Sound Level Meter (Class 2)
The LA-7200 Sound Level Meter conforms to various international and domestic standards and is designed to be easily connected to a PC. An SD memory card and USB connector are provided as standard to meet the growing requirements for computer processing of measurment data captured to the LA-7200. Data can be easily read by simply connecting the sound level meter to a Windows based PC, without the need for special software.

  • 110 dB Linearity Range
  • Single, Dual or Quad Mode Measurement
  • 1/1 Octave Real-Time Analysis Function (Standard)
  • Large Screen with Touch Keys for Easy Operation
  • USB and RS-232C Interface
  • Supports SD / SDHC Cards
Applicable Standards IEC 61672-1:2013 Class 2, JIS C 1509-1:2017 Class 2, JIS C 1516:2014 Class 2, ANSI S1.4-2014 / Part 1 Class 2
Linearity Range Normal Range: 80 dB, Wide Range: 110 dB
Measurement Range 23 to 138 dB (A), 30 to 138 dB (C), 36 to 138 dB (Z)
Frequency Weighting A, C, Z
Measured Parameters Lp, Leq, Le, Lpeak, Lmax, Lmin, Ln
Time Weighting Fast, Slow, Impulse, 10 ms
Memory Modes Auto, Manual, Record
AC Output .707 Vrms (Normal Range), 2.236 Vrms (Wide Range)
DC Output 2.5 V
RS-232C Standard
Power Supply Four AA Batteries or AC Adaptor
Battery Life 12 Hours of Continuous Operation
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +50ÂșC
Operating Humidity Range 20 to 90% Relative Humidity
Dimensions 90 (W) x 279 (H) x 42 (D) mm
Weight Approximately 540 g

  • LA-0702 1/3 Octave Real-Time Octave Analysis Function
  • LA-0703 FFT Analysis Function
  • LA-0704 Sound Recording Function
  • LA-0708 Sound Quality Evaluation Function