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OM-1500 - Motor/gasoline engine RPM detector
The OM-1500/1200 motor/gasoline engine RPM detectors are designed for rotation measurement of gasoline engines and an EV/HEV motors. It detects magnetic flux leakage from the motor itself or the engines ignition coil. This easy to use and durable detector can measure engine rotation by attaching in parallel with the ignition coil. When measuring the EV/HEV motor rotation, simply attach the OM-1500/1200 perpendicular to the motor rotating shaft. It is used with the engine tachometer by Ono Sokki (GE-2500, AR-7240B, CT-6520B, HT-6200, SE-1620, FT-2500, FT-7200).

  • One-touch attachment in parallel with the ignition coil (Attach the OM-1500/1200 perpendicular to the rotating shaft of the motor in measuring motor rotation)
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to use
  • Comes equipped with 4.9 meter attached cable.
  • Operating Temperature 14 to 212 °F / -10 to +100 °C
Description Motor / gasoline engine RPM detector
Compatible Tachometer AR-7240B , CT-6520B , CT-6700 , FT-2500 , FT-7200 , HT-6200 , SE-1620
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