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RP-7400 series - Roller Encoders (General Purpose)
HIgh Precision roller encoders enable line speed and distance (length) measurements. Ideal for linear measurement of moving objects.

  • Speed measurement 120 P/R, 1200 P/R, Length measurement 200 P/R.
  • Simple; press the roller against moving a object and you have precise measurements.
  • Grippy roller which is made of urethane-coating rubber.
  • Used with our TM-3100 series displays to enable direct reading of speed measurement.
  • Speed measurement can be performed with 0.01 m/min (1200 P/R).
  • Length measurement can be performed with 1 mm/pulse (200 P/R).
  • Conforms to RoHS, CE marking.
Description Roller Encoders
Compatible Tachometers RV-3150 , TM-2110 , TM-2120 , TM-2130 , TM-2140 , TM-3100 Series

RP-0181 (5 meter) cable is used to connect the RP-7400 with the TM-3100 tachometer display.