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SPEC - Oil Consumption Meter
Experimental engines consume oil during endurance testing on a dynamometer. As a result, the operator must manually stop the testing to check the oil level which introduces downtime. The Ono Sokki oil feeder / consumption meter has been developed to eliminate this time constraint.

  • Automatically monitors the oil level and feeds oil during endurance testing.
  • Two user selectable oil feeding methods.
  • Reliable un-manned testing using a combination of a precision level sensor and constant volume pump.
Detection Level Range ± 50mm from Initial Setting Level
Oil Feed Volume 0 to 10000ml, 1ml Increments
Flow Rate Set Range 0 to 85ml / min, 1ml / min Increments
Feed Interval Set Range 0 to 100 min , 1 min Increments
Reserve Tank Capacity 5 Gallons