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LG-9200 - Optical Detector
The LG-9200 is a non-contact type optical detector which emits red visible light and detects the reflected light from the rotating shaft. The reflection mark is used for the detection by affixing it on the rotating shaft. It enables detection at an angle. (reflective mark: HT-011 by Ono Sokki) The LG-9200 has a built-in compact amplifier and outputs the square wave (voltage) after waveform shaping. With a compact and light weight body, performances are upgraded compared to the previous model LG-916. (LG-9200 detection distance: up to 40 mm, response speed: up to 40 m/s)

  • Upgraded performances (compared to the previous model LG-916) Detection distance : up to 40 mm Response speed : up to 40 m/s
  • Easy to adjust a position by red visible light and operation indicator
  • Possible to detect from lower speed almost 0 r/min
  • A unified structure of light source, receiver and amplifier (weight : approx. 150 g)
  • Provided a drop-proof connector as standard
Description Optical Detector
Compatible Tachometers CT-6520B , SE-1620 , TM-2110 , TM-2120 , TM-2130 , TM-2140 , TM-3100 Series

Includes a reflective marker sheet of 25 markers/sheet.
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