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HT-011A - (Inexpensive) Five feet of Reflective Tape Roll Markers
Highest quality 3M Reflective tape, five foot roll (markers) for all photo electric tachometers and sensors. NOT ONLY FOR TACHOMETERS ! Also very effective for preventing accidents; simply cut and stick on Vehicles, bicycles, trailors, poles, shelves, skate boards, stairs, machinery etc. Reflective tape applications and uses are found in several industries and applications, including plumbing, electrical, aerospace, automotive and construction. Reflective safety tape can be used for moving equipment, construction and hazard signs. Reflective tape applications and uses are also appropriate for signs, graphics, HVAC units and medical equipment for identification and marking purposes.

  • Tape is durable, flexible, wide angle, smooth-surface, retroreflective sheeting, specifically designed for use in photoelectric applications.
  • The sheeting consists of special lens elements enclosed within a transparent resin, having a smooth flat outer surface and is supplied with a low-temperature, pressure-sensitive adhesive protected by removable liner.
  • Thickness: Applied .007 in. (0.17 cm), Liner .004 in. (.010cm)
  • Luminance Factor: 200X
  • Temperature Resistance: Continuous exposure: 200°F (93°C), Intermittent exposure (30 min.) : 400° F (204°C)
  • Sealed lens surface
  • Weatherable
  • Daylight visibility
  • Facilitates printing
  • Offers wet optical performance
  • Cleanability
  • High adhesion formula for low temperatures
  • Designed for strong uniform response of photoelectric devices up to 45° entrance angle
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Good choice for nautical uses
  • Multiple uses
  • For permanent installation
  • Application may be made at temperatures as low as 10°F (-12°C) to a clean and dry surface.
  • The sheeting will remain serviceable for many years when properly applied to a suitable substrate and used in typical indoor or outdoor environments.
  • The sheeting maintains approximately 90% of its dry brightness with water falling on the surface, Federal Hwy Admin. Spec., FP-74, Section 718.01.
Applicable Tachometer HT-4100 , HT-4200 , HT-5100 , HT-5200 , HT-5500 , LG-916 , LG-9200 , LG-930

Very Inexpensive and High Quality !!! Less than half the price of all competitors.
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