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DG-525H - High Accuracy Metric Gauge (discontinued)
Digital Linear gauge discontinued and possible replacements are the EG-225, GS-3813 and GS-3830.

  • Rechargeable battery
  • AGD Group II dimensions
  • + / - Direction changeover
  • Output capability
  • Reverse display option available
  • Adjustable measuring force
  • Data transfer speed 1.6 ms
  • TIR ( Max. - Min. = Range )
  • Preset capability
Range 1.0" / 25.4 mm
Resolution 0.0005 mm
Response Speed 300 mm / s
Measuring Force 150 gf / 5.3 ozf (adjustable force, min. 25g)
Output Serial BCD, Optional RS-232C, MTI and Analog outputs
Stem Diameter 10 mm
Contact Point Thread Size ISO M2.5
Operating Temperature 41° to 104° F / 5° to 40° C
Power Supply AC Adapter (100,120,220,240V) Built-in 8-hour rechargeable battery
Dimension L-4.4" W-2.0" TH-1.5"
Weight 6.3 oz / 180 g

Standard accessories: Finger lifter, AC adapter, lugback and contact point. Optional Outputs: USB, RS-232C, MTI, Analog, Upper & Lower relays

  • Post backs, adjustable backs and Flat backs are also available.