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TS-2800 - Digital Torque Meter
The TS-2800 is a torque meter for phase difference type torque detectors. Can be used with our long-selling torque detectors SS/DD series and high accuracy, high response type TH series. Since all signals are digitally processed, torque measurement can be performed with great stability, reproducibility and linearity. The TS-2800 can output analog voltage, rotation pulse*, BCD*, and RS-232C as well as displaying measurement values digitally. Compact and space-saving design is enough to fit your measurement system yet the installation space are limited.

  • Can be connected all of phase difference type torque detectors by Ono Sokki.
  • Analog output response (time constant) can be selected depending on your application.
  • 4th order butterworth low-pass filter can be selected for analyzing frequency of torque ripple. (TH mode, option)
  • F.S. voltage of torque output can be selected according to the input range of a recorder or other devices to be connected.
  • Output of rotation pulse signal required for rotation tracking analysis of torque ripple
  • "Easy to read, easy to operate with LCD.
Torque Input Type Torque Detector Phase difference method
Torque Display Digits ± 9999
Unit mN·m, N·m, kN·m
Accuracy ± 0.1%/FS ± or ± 0.2%/FS ± 1count , it depends on the connected torque detector
Revolution Input Type Square Waveform
Revolution Display Digits 99999
Unit r/min
Accuracy ± 0.02%/FS ± 1count, it depends on the connected torque detector
Outputs Torque 0 to ± 10V/FS
Revolution 0 to 10V/FS
Interface BCD & RS-232C
General Power 100 to 240VAC, 28VA
Weight 2.0 kg