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Automotive Solutions > DF-200 Series OnBoard Digital Flow Meter
DF-200 Series OnBoard Digital Flow Meter
The DF-200 series compact flow meters are ideal for use in vehicles. A low profile with 3 cm thickness provides easy installation on the dash board of a vehicle.
Display Output #1 Output #2
DF-211B - OnBoard Extended Unit 3 digit (P), 3 digit (Temp), 7 digit (Time) 0 to 10 V / 0 to 100 deg C 0 to 10 V / 0 to 980 kPa
DF-2200 - OnBoard Flow Meter Fluorescent display tube, 11.45 mm× 69.85 mm (2-stage display) Voltage output (analog) for Instantaneous flow rate, Pressure, Temperature Voltage output (pulse) instantaneous flow rate, Pressure, Temperature, CAN output, RS-232C (option)