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Dimensional Measurement > Non-Contact Thickness Measuring System
Non-Contact Thickness Measuring System
CL-2400 Non-Contact Thickness Meter Based on a unique, capacitive measurement principle, the CL-2400 provides highly accurate non-contact thickness measurements on a wide array of materials. Reliable Sensor Technology The CL-2400 employs Ono Sokki's proven VE-series high-precision, capacitive gap sensors. These sensors are designed to measure the gap between the face of the sensor and the surface of the target material. Thickness is measured when the target material is placed within the gap formed between two opposing sensors. The simple sensor structure provides excellent durability and reliability. And the non-contact measurement process does not affect the material under measurement. Measurable Materials: Conductors & Semiconductors Silicon Wafers Aluminum Sheets Hard Disk Drives Printed Circuit Boards Any conductive materials where a high degree of cleanliness must be maintained. Soft materials, materials with a mirrored finish, films, or other materials that are highly-susceptible to surface damage